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We care about your peace of mind.

If you’re buying a custom home, don’t take the chance that it will end up costing more to fix than it’s worth. We guarantee your investment with Domain HomeCrafters!

No other home builder is as committed to customer satisfaction as Domain HomeCrafters. We make sure our clients feel safe and secure when they build a house with us, which in turn ensures that if something goes wrong after construction has been completed on their new property – no matter how big or small an issue may be at hand, our company will provide them guaranteed service from start till finish without demanding additional fees ever again!

Your home warranty is still good even if we aren’t around. That means you’ll always have the reassurance that your investment in the house and its systems are protected against default workmanship, materials, and more! In addition, our StrucSure coverage will aid you for two years on delivery of electrical or plumbing services (including heating & A/C) and ten years on major structural defects.

We want to provide extreme value in the home building process and ensure you are satisfied with your new house. That is why we offer a warranty on all of our work – so that if there’s anything at all wrong, no matter what it does or where it’s located (basement wall, for example), give us a call, and we’ll let you know if you’re covered! If not, we try and find the best solution to help out our customers.

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