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We love building well-built, custom homes in South Texas, and we have over 30 years of construction expertise.

It’s a big decision to build your own home, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. We understand how essential your house is to you, which is why it’s our number one priority when you choose Domain Home Crafters to help you construct it.

Our Specialization

Domain HomeCrafters are experts at:

Custom Kitchen

Quality Custom Homes in South Texas

Domain HomeCrafters can help you turn your ideas into reality, whether you’re planning to develop a new house on your property, redo your existing home or investment property, or add a significant extension to a home that’s simply out of space for your expanding family. From choosing the perfect design to signing the contract, coordinating every phase of the build process, selecting ideal features and fixtures for your new home, we are with you all along the way. We are with you all, from choosing the right design to signing the contract, coordinating every aspect of the build process, and selecting perfect features and fixtures for your new space. We focus on customer service and communication to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

When you choose DHC to build your home, you’re choosing someone who understands the building process and will stay in touch with you from start to finish, as well as every stage in between. As a result, you’ll always know what to anticipate, and your voice will be heard.

We also provide home warranty coverage for the houses we construct. It’s simply one of the ways we offer value to our clients when they choose to entrust us with their construction project. We realize that trust must be earned and work hard each day to exceed your expectations. We accept major structural damage claims up to 10 years after the survey date. Our home warranty covers labor and materials, electrical, plumbing, and heating & A/C systems for an entire decade.

Remodeling Services

Domain Home Crafters

A kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where memories are born, meals eaten and company welcomed! We can help you make that space more than just functional but also inviting with our beautiful design ideas for kitchens so all who enter feel at ease from moment they walk in.”

Domain Home Crafters

We have the perfect addition to your home! We can’t wait to create a perfect space explicitly tailored to meet all of our clients’ needs. You’re in good hands with us – it won’t look like any other house on this block because we’ll throw some exciting design ideas into every detail, making sure you get exactly what YOU want from YOUR new build or renovation project.

porcelain white bathtub

We are the team to call when you’re looking for a bathroom remodel that’s sure to be not only beautiful and functional but also affordable. With our experience in renovating spaces, both large or small, sleek designs explicitly tailored to your needs without skimping on quality features like countertops made from marble stone materials and custom cabinetry, we will make all of those dreams come true!


If you live in the San Antonio and Pleasanton (Atascosa County/South Texas) area and are:

  • Creating a family
  • Relocating to the area for a job
  • Ready to finally settle down


  • Tired of seeing the same tired kitchen or bathroom?
  • You may be looking for more room in your home that you love.
  • Need to improve your investment property?
  • Finally, you may be ready to create your own custom dream house.

We would be glad to help!

Russell Rodriguez is a skilled house builder with extremely high standards for building quality custom houses that are well planned, well made, and cost-effective. He has established a good reputation as a trustworthy and professional contractor and home builder in the Pleasanton and San Antonio areas because of his honesty and integrity.

The team at Domain HomeCrafters is dedicated to building truly superior homes with simple, timeless principles. We want our clients’ experience in one of quality and satisfaction.”

Domain HomeCrafters

”You’re getting more than just a house with us. You are investing in the future and growing your family.”

Our Custom Design Work

Check out our Custom Cabinet Builds!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Your kitchen is a busy place. With so many options for storage, you need to make sure it’s organized and efficient- which we can help with! Pull-out drawers will fit all your cooking needs; spacious shelves provide quick access while keeping things neat on top of organizing smaller items like cutlery or baking sheets in their compartmentalized sections within the cabinet. LazySusans give more space by taking up a less vertical room than traditional lower cabinets do, making the room available elsewhere- whether creating an island area near appliances centered around two burners -or turning one side into open shelving berthed below waist height if desired (perfect!). We also offer spice racks built right onto upper cabinets.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets – We can take your bathroom from outdated to excellent in a matter of moments. If you’re looking for something traditional or modern, we offer many wood options and stains/paint colors to make it yours with our decorative molding service as well! We won’t stop until each detail is considered, so feel confident knowing no stone goes unturned when designing this space solely meant for yourself.

We’re not done yet – You deserve more than an ordinary bathtub because, after all, who wants their master retreat full of dust bunnies? That would kill the vibe. So don’t settle on anything less than top-notch again- contact us today about what custom design services might work best.


Why are custom homes better than prefabricated?
Domain Home Crafters

What our visitors say

Our average visitor rating is 5 / 5
Jason Sipes
1 review

We were fortunate to work with such amazing individuals while constructing our forever house. We made many modifications to the original floor plan. Russell was happy to accommodate each change we requested. Designing a home is intimidating, but it’s not as tricky with these people helping you. We recommend Russell for anything you need with custom home building. Thank you very much!

jaime estrada
1 review

Domain homecrafters made my family dream home come true. Quality, honesty,pricing, professional, and for most important Customer service is 1000% priority! They will build your home with pride and make sure you are satisfied. I will 100% recommend domian homecrafters to anyone building your dream home. Size doesn’t matter they do it all!! Thank you very much!!

Jessica Jackson
1 review

I needed remodeling done for my kitchen and bathroom, so I conducted much research and asking around. I discovered DHC after looking for some time. Someone showed up the next week to give me an estimate. The pricing was reasonable, but the work was terrific. Russell and his team did an outstanding job in creating my vision a reality!!! I was so happy with how things ended up. Recommend DHC to anyone trying to remodel their house.

Stacey Harvey
1 review

The folks at Domain HomeCrafters make a fantastic team. They communicated thoroughly throughout the project. Their professionalism and attention to detail are highly recommended.

We even offer to finance!

We work with you to design your dream home so it becomes a reality. We’ll make sure that the building process goes smoothly and efficiently while staying within budget for our clients and us. We know how important this project is in your life!

We’re not one of those contractors who will quote you a ridiculous price based on square footage. Your unique project and specific needs determine your budget, so we make sure that everyone’s expectations are clear from the start, which means there won’t be any surprises later down the road when it comes to cost-efficiency or what’s possible; with the design! Once construction begins in earnest for us (or if this was just a remodel), our team stays disciplined about staying within strict guidelines regarding expenditures; after all: satisfaction equals client happiness.

A good reputation is important to us, and Domain HomeCrafters will never do a job cheaply or give an estimate just for the sake of getting it done. Quality craftsmanship always prevails with our company as we have been earning trust from homeowners in Pleasanton and San Antonio since 2007 by delivering custom homes at affordable prices that exceed expectations to keep our customers happy!

Our expertise and attention to detail have earned the confidence of South Texas homeowners, who can now trust DHC with their home building or remodeling needs. We believe client satisfaction is only achievable when excellence meets trust!

Domain HomeCrafters has been the premier trusted builder of beautiful homes in Atascosa County for years. Our expertise and dedication to excellence allow us only a few projects each year, but they are ones we take very seriously because this company won’t cut corners when it comes down to building or remodeling your next project!

For years, homeowners in Pleasanton and nearby areas have trusted Russell Rodriguez and Domain Home Crafters for quality construction. This company has affordable custom work that will fit your needs with excellence all around!

We live here. No, we’re not from somewhere else-we were born and raised in the place that is now our home away from all others; it’s where you can find us when looking for a new dream come true or helping someone make their first purchase; as well! We want to help people realize what they’ve always wanted by giving them access to everything needed right at Domain HomeCrafters’ doorsteps, so there are no hassles whatsoever while also being affordable enough without compromising the quality of service.


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The Texas Association of Builders (TAB) is a voluntary trade organization representing all segments of the residential building industry. The TAB was founded in 1932 to advocate for its members and provide impartial information on essential issues such as labor relations, construction codes & standards, environmental concerns, or insurance policy matters, among others.

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Greater San Antonio Builders Association

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