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A little about us....

We love what we do!

Russell’s father built homes for over 40 years, and he grew up around the construction business. As a young man, he helped out with projects at 14 before joining him in later building custom cabinets and remodeling houses – all this time learning every aspect of carpentry from scratch so that his company could deliver quality workmanship when needed most!

In 2007, Russell and his wife decided to begin building custom homes in the South Texas area. With over 25 years of construction under his belt and extensive experience with home building projects from design through completion (and hers too!), they knew that this was a venture for which he had been waiting impatiently. It would enable him to finally put everything into practice on something unique – truly one-of-a-kind houses built by people like them who take great pride in what their work brings out and how much better other lives are made possible just because theirs exist alongside ours day after day.

Why Us?

As Project Superintendent, Russell Rodriguez brings over 25 years of experience in construction. As a lifelong resident of the Atascosa County area, he has a vested interest in our clients and this community’s integrity which is why you can trust that your project will always be managed closely by someone who knows its needs firsthand!

Mr. Rodriguez personally provides daily on-site leadership and supervision for each custom home built by Domain HomeCrafters to ensure that you are satisfied with your new space, no matter how large or small it may be! In addition, he keeps an eye out regarding any issues throughout the building process that could arise from anything such as finishes not matching correctly along interior/exterior walls, etc.
“It’s important we take care of our clientele because they have worked hard enough investing into this building project themselves.”

Why Our Clients Love Us

At Domain HomeCrafters, we know it is essential to work closely with our clients early in design. By providing advice and guidance from start to finish on your home’s creation, you will get a quality product delivered within budget – all while having someone who truly cares about what they do for their family member give it just how you want!

We’re not only building something beautiful but also a significant relationship between us both: one where trust can grow into love over time if given enough attention throughout every phase of construction; allowing each other space when necessary yet always being, thereby guiding hands through difficult times together as well (like any good business should).

Discover the Domain HomeCrafters difference today by calling us. 

The first step is a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable agents who can answer any questions and make this process as painless for you as possible!

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Custom Home Builders Pleasanton, Tx